Cleaning Solar Panels

How to cleaning solar panels

Solar panels don’t contain moving parts, which is the reason there isn’t any maintenance to be taken care of. But, cleaning is an aspect of maintaining solar panels that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In this article , you will be taught ways to cleanse solar panels in the proper method.

How to clean solar panels

  1. The first thing to do is consult with the manufacturer of your solar panel. They may have specific suggestions regarding cleaning.
  2. Solar panels can get incredibly hot in the sun. Clean your solar panels morning or afternoon or select a cool day.
  3. Try using a garden hose for the first time and that could do the task. If however, a significant amount of dirt and dust has been accumulated, you may have to give them the full cleaning.
  4. Fill the container or spray bottle with soap and warm water There is no additional equipment is required.
  5. Clean the the solar panel using the help of a sponge or soft cloth. There is no need to clean the wiring beneath.
  6. Be extra cautious when you have to clean your solar panels that requires climbing onto the roof. Think about hiring professionals to take care of the task in case you’re unsure if you’re able to do the job safely.

What happens if the solar panels are not cleaned?

House with solar panels on the roof
House with solar panels on the roof.

We are aware that dust, pollen, dirt bird droppings, dust, and other particles can impact the efficiency of solar panels.Google conducted a revolutionary experiment in their 1.6 megawatt solar farm located in Mountain View, California. The results showed that cleaning solar panel was “the number one way to maximize the energy they produce.” Cleaning solar panels that were operating for 15 months, doubled the production of electricity.

Google discovered that, for flat solar panels, relying solely on rain isn’t a sufficient method to clean solar panels.

Will neglecting solar panel cleaning cost me money?

The rationale is to believe that solar panels could reduce 15 to 25 percent of their efficiency when they are not properly cleaned.

It is a fact that they’ll generate 15 to 25% less electricity, which is what you are now required to purchase through the company that provides electricity at cost rates. The number of amps generated by the solar panel will decrease, and this will add another couple of years to the payback period.

How to wash solar panels on roof

Wash cleaning solar panels on roof
Wash cleaning solar panels on roof.

If you’re a DIYer, locate the tools at your house. In order to ensure that you don’t harm your equipment, you should apply only water and a non-abrasive spongy sponge to put soapy liquid on your system.

Use a mild soap, when you think you require some help.

If you’re wondering whether you could make use of a pressure washer to clean your solar panels we recommend that you make use of a normal hose. If you use anything that has high pressure, it could cause damage. Make use of a sponge when the birds have caused an mess, but nothing more than the detergent you apply to your dishes. It is not advisable to have any powerful chemicals to mark the panels.

How often clean my solar panels?

In many places, there’s more polluted air in winter months, which is the reason spring is the perfect time to perform an annual clean-up. Clean solar panels one and twice throughout the year generate 3.5 percent and 5.1 percent more electricity, and are more efficient than panels that are not cleaned.

Although cleaning the panels every once or twice per year is generally sufficient, in some places panels require special care. An excellent example is in the southeast region of U.S., where rainfall is restricted for months at one period of. The amount of soil that is accumulated more extensive.

Another instance is where solar panels are placed near polluting sources such as factories, freeways and airports. In this case, too, they’ll require cleaning more frequently.

Other instances to be considered include winter and autumn when the removal of snow and leaves is essential for optimal performance.

Consider whether or the panels are mounted on an angle. Rainwater is much more efficient at cleaning solar panels inclined, so if the solar panels you have are flat, you may need to keep them clean more frequently.

Last but not least, here’s the most important piece of advice you can get when you’re dealing with frequency: Monitor the changes in the output power that your solar panels produce prior to as well after cleaning. Try different intervals of time. Keep track of what is working.

Cleaning solar panels is easy

Solar panels aren’t any different from cleaning windows. It’s not too time-consuming neither. As a result, you can witness a huge improvement in system performance as well as significant savings on your electricity bills.

To put it another way, not taking the time to wash your solar panels can be compared to throwing money out the window.

If you’re not able to do the cleaning by yourself, solar panel cleansing is available for those willing to pay the extra money.

Sky and solar panels on the roof

Research is underway to maintain the efficiency of solar panels

While there are DIY solutions and professional services to get rid of any stains on your kitchen appliances, technological advancements are also making way to a simpler maintenance.

They include:

  • Special coatings for glass that stop dust from entering and to reduce the risk of soiling.
  • Cleaners that use robotics to get rid of dirt from the night, without water. They make use of gentle brushes as well as air-blowers.
  • Kipp and Zonen’s tool commercially created to determine the amount of dirt.

Kipp and Zonen’s DustIQ monitor, for instance it uses LEDs and a photodiode for monitoring levels of dust that is building over the. Solar farm owners can decide when and how often to clean their arrays for optimal efficiency.

Furthermore experts from facilities management companies like the industry’s leader Royal Flush – recommends cleaning your facility at least twice each year. Cleaning your system regularly keeps it and in good condition to guarantee more efficiency and lower costs in the future.

However, if this doesn’t seem enough to push into the next level and ensure that you keep your system running in top condition The team has also revealed the amount of energy you may lose by not performing an effective maintenance program for your system. When you’re losing energy and money, you’re also losing money.

In fact, you could be losing as much as the following percentages in a quarter If cleaning isn’t on your schedule:

Year / QuarterEnergy Loss
1 / Q15%
1 / Q210%
1 / Q315%
1 / Q420%
2 / Q125%
2 / Q230%
2 / Q335%
2 / Q435%
Table of the loss of efficiency of solar panels if they are not cleaned.

The most important thing for cleaning solar panels

  • Dust, bird droppings and pollutants can all affect the efficiency of solar panels.
  • Cleaning your panels can reduce the solar output and, consequently, increase the solar payback time
  • It is possible to have to wash more frequently If you live in an area that is dry or in close proximity to a pollutant source or if the panels are in a flat position.
  • Check the solar output prior to and after cleaning to determine the impact and adjust the frequency of washing according to.
  • If there is no movement or you’re required to wash the accumulated dirt and bird poop off of the area, follow the safety guidelines and go up there on an overcast day. You’ll need an appropriate safety harness and a hard helmet.
  • Make use of a sponge and cleaning liquid to wash the area thoroughly. In the end, you might decide to leave the cleaning to experts and do a few checks to determine the extent to which they require maintenance.
  • One way to avoid needing to climb an elevated ladder to check the system is to hire a professional firm to set up a CCTV camera directed at the panels , so that you can observe the time they require cleaning.
Infographics how to wash solar panels
Infographics with steps on how to properly wash solar panels.